mp4 file wont play till 100% downloaded with flash in Flex

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I've been working on a eLearning system recently ( Yes front end is Flex back end is ColdFusion 9 ) As part of the system users are required to watch video clips. When the firt iteration came out I did all the editing and converting of videos from raw footage to mp4. This worked great till this product became really large and we outsourced some of hte videos to have professional voice overs and editing.

I built a custom video player in Flex that starts playing a video after 3 seconds of buffering. Now we noticed that some of the videos would not start playing or even show the length of the clip till it had fully downloaded ( I built a buffer status tool bar for the track of the video player much like the yotube player that show how much is in buffer ).

Basically it looked like some of the videos didn't have this information. Now I'm no video expert but I thought it might have something to do with the meta data so we looked around and tried a few video inspector programs but no luck.

I then came across this post which explain exactly my situation. I had nothign to loose so I tried it and it worked imidiatly and solved my issues.

Thats Renaum again I know more then once you have helped me along the way.

This is taken from Renaums site and explains what it does:

What is QTIndexSwapper?

With the release of the Flash Player 9 Update that supports H.264, we can now play a subset of H.264 movie files. The problem is most of the H.264 files have the index at the end of the file which for progressive download means you have to download the whole file before you can start watching any of the video.


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