Free Text to Speech with ColdFusion and jQuery

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A few weeks ago I decided to build a small but fun website
The idea is simple, type some text into a box and convert it to speech. I used the FreeTTS java library and ColdFusion 9. I got started with Rays post a few years ago and did some additional conversions to swap to mp3 so I could use a small Flash based MP3 player to play back the sound. The site also has clean URL's to send a message to someone and all the javascript is of course jQuery. All in all a fun project that allowed me to use java, ColdFusion, ffmpeg, jQuery and some simple url rewrite to make a small clean site in around 150 lines of code including Application.cfc

As this is on a small VPS I decided to also run this on java 7 so far it have been up for about 2 weeks without issue and memory usage is very low.

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