Dell Inspiron 7000 Freeze on wake up

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After receiving my new work laptop I was very disappointed to find that when packing up to head home closing the lid freezes my laptop.  I "used" to do this every day.  When I am ready to go home I simply close the lid put my laptop in my bag and head home.  Later that night ( or the next morning ), open the lid and pick up from where I left off.

My Dell Inspiron 7000 will not allow this!  I read a few fourms and complaints about this very issue without a clear answer on how to fix the problem.  All my drivers were totally upto date and this was a brand new fresh system.  After 3 deays of frustration and trial and error I solved the problem.  It's to do with the smart start feature in Windows and the Intel Fast start.

Here are the steps to fix this issue:

In task bar click the "inter Rapid Start Technology" icon.

Disable it.

Go to Control panel, Hardware and Sound, Power Options, System settings and set it as below.



  1. Wow. You fixed it. Thought you may have to install OSX...

  2. I had the same issue with a Dell Precision M4600.

    It turned out to be a driver issue with the SD card reader. See