After receiving my new work laptop I was very disappointed to find that when packing up to head home closing the lid freezes my laptop.  I "used" to do this every day.  When I am ready to go home I simply close the lid put my laptop in my bag and head home.  Later that night ( or the next morning ), open the lid and pick up from where I left off.

My Dell Inspiron 7000 will not allow this!  I read a few fourms and complaints about this very issue without a clear answer on how to fix the problem.  All my drivers were totally upto date and this was a brand new fresh system.  After 3 deays of frustration and trial and error I solved the problem.  It's to do with the smart start feature in Windows and the Intel Fast start.

Here are the steps to fix this issue:

In task bar click the "inter Rapid Start Technology" icon.

Disable it.

Go to Control panel, Hardware and Sound, Power Options, System settings and set it as below.

Having spent most of my time on NodeJs I recently attended a .NET course in Melbourne.  I'm a fan of .NET and MVC 5 has come a long way.  I doubt many will argue that the tooling in the MS land is by far the best there is.  I really like Visual Studio ( as long as you have a decent machine to run it ), I really like nuGet ( MS .NET package manager ) I really started to feel like home.

I also really like MVC5, it feels familiar.  The base templates are great to get started and scaffold x% of the work for you.

I think the biggest eye opener of the day was Azure.  I quite enjoy the Azure model.  .NET lends it self well to then and the integration between the tooling and the deployment platform is tight.  I had next to no issues deploying simple apps and the 10 free websites is great for testing and getting side projects up and running.

That being said I think the biggest item I took from the event was Glimpse.  It was just fantastic, I wont start a project without it anymore.  Its basically request level debugging in the browser for .NET if you haven't tried it I suggest you do.

Like it or loath it I'll Microsoft have come a long way and I can see start ups looking to MS technology moving forward as they are really closing that gap enabling dev to get going for next to no cost ( or zero cost ) and provide a pathway to support your application as it grows.

Setting up a new VPS for a small app I'm working on and was stumped by this problem.  This didn't happen locally and after discovering the solution I knew why.  The reason why is I did not have nodeJs install on the VPS.  As I have been working on a nodeJs app in the past few months I already have node installed locally.

I'm running ubuntu and here are the commands to install nodeJs:

sudo apt-get install python-software-properties python g++ make
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.js
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nodejs 
This will install the current stable version of nodeJs.  After that I was in business.

Google apps sync for Office / Outlook 2013 was released.

I've been on Office 2013 for around 6 months.  We use Google Apps for mail and it's been frustrating having my mail and calenders not sync with Outlook properly.

I know I can use IMAP ( infact thats what I was using ) and a few other bolts on ( which I purchased ) to restore functionality but it just wasn't 100%.

In the mean time I had reverted to using the browser 99% of the time for email and calendar which I have grown fond of.

Now that Google Apps sync works properly I'll give Outlook 2013 a good try.

Failed to copy from Local TSource : Expected another server reply(15) : 450 Internal error renaming the file.  Filezilla

This error kept coming up trying to FTP files to one of my servers.  I googled around a bit as nothing had changed in the environment that should have causes this issue.  After finding nothing thats looked like the issue I decided to try the old reboot trick.  Well it worked.  No idea why this happened but after a reboot the problem went away.

I actually came back to this issue and it was because the hard drive filled up completely.  Well that was an easy fix.