Free SVN hosting with SSL

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I have said it before and I'll say it again. If you're not using some type of source control you should be.

SVN makes life easy. I'm the type of person that likes to run the latest Betas (Win7 for one) and that often means I reformat and reinstall my Operating System regularly. I also jump between Linux, Windows and OSX.

One of the hardest things to move between machines is my development environment and making sure I have my code and don't lose anything. We use SVN at work and I use SVN for all my personal projects its just easy to check out my code and continue working.

I have recently moved my projects to Project Locker as they have free accounts with up to 500mb storage, SSL plus more.

If you're not using SVN then you should really check this out and start.


  1. At work we use CVSDude. For my personal projects ( blog, code demos, samples etc ) I just chose Project Locker because it was free, had 500mb of space and SSL.

    I haven't tried Unfuddle

  2. My comment was in reply to a comment that I accidentally deleted sorry for the confusion.

    They were asking if I had tried Unfuddle and whats the main reason I chose Project Locker.

  3. Very nice post Paul. Another real good tip!

    And regarding your comments above, we all know you're just talking to yourself ;-)

  4. Dude, no need to just write your own comments! Trust me, people read your blog. *grin*

    Great tip! I was a big fan of assembla, but that was before they went pay-only.


  5. Interesting i was just looking at dragging my heels into personal svn last night. I'll try out project locker fo shiz, thanks for the tip.

  6. Thanks for replying to my deleted comment Paul! (R.I.P. my deleted comment)

  7. See I wasn't talking to myself :) I was fixing my own grammar and accidentally deleted Russ's question/comment.

  8. I use assembla, they offer free svn hosting with unlimited users and unlimited repos

    Assembla free trial