Linux Start and Stop scripts for Ventrilo - Ubuntu and Debian

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My cousin wanted to have his own Ventrilo server so I set it up for him on a old PC running Ubuntu 9.04. He didn't want to have to start or stop the server just wanted to be able to leave the machine on all the time and if it did happen to be turned off wanted it to start automatically.

Here is the process:

Create a new user on your system to run the process as. I called the user ventrilo.

Create a new script in init.d

vi /etc/init.d/vent

Add the following:

# ventrilo server

case "$1" in
# Startup ventrilo servers.


su ventrilo -c "$VENBIN -f$VENPATH/ventrilo_srv -d"

renice -5 `cat $VENPATH/` ;;
killall ventrilo_srv
echo "Usage: $0 { start | stop }"
exit 0

Make sure you set the path correctly ie:


Make the new script executable.

chmod +x /etc/init.d/vent


update-rc.d vent defaults

And reboot the server to confirm ventrilo starts on boot.

You can now stop and start your ventrilo server like so:


/etc/init.d/vent start


/etc/init.d/vent stop


  1. Thanks so much! Tried a couple other scripts with no luck, this one is solid! :D

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