Google Apps Sync for Outlook 2013

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Google apps sync for Office / Outlook 2013 was released.

I've been on Office 2013 for around 6 months.  We use Google Apps for mail and it's been frustrating having my mail and calenders not sync with Outlook properly.

I know I can use IMAP ( infact thats what I was using ) and a few other bolts on ( which I purchased ) to restore functionality but it just wasn't 100%.

In the mean time I had reverted to using the browser 99% of the time for email and calendar which I have grown fond of.

Now that Google Apps sync works properly I'll give Outlook 2013 a good try.


  1. haha, I used thunderbird very well.

  2. Does not work with Office 2013 Click-to-run

  3. Hi Paul, the ggogleappsync not work correctly, can you use it? please tell how

  4. I spent ages developing a workaround for this so that you don’t have to spend hours per PC installing and uninstalling Office. for less than a cup of coffee, which goes to pay for all the beer intake during the coding process.