Recover a datasource password in ColdFusion

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I forgot a password to a mySQL datasource on my personal VPS. Not the end of the world I can log in to mySQL and reset it if I need but I knew these passwords were in new-datasource.xml in an encrypted format and was curious to see if I could decrypt that password. Turns out you can. I used this post as a staring point and while I was at it built this small app in case I need it in the future.

Paul Kukiel


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  1. There is a problem with your link to the reference article.

  2. Note this won't work if you provide a Password Seed in the Security section of the ColdFusion Administrator.

  3. @Dale I fixed the link it did work but wasn't clickable.

    @Rob your correct if you use a seed it wont work but if you don't set the seed it will still work even on 9.01

  4. Glad to hear my post was helpful to you. :)