Sending Arrays from javascript to ColdFusion and Railo - The diferences

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Wile attempting to answer a question on Stack Overflow I ran into an interesting difference between Railo and ACF

I've begun to use Railo more and more and this simple piece of code I expected would "just work". Well on Railo it did. On ACF it did not.

ACF sees the js array passed as a variable names "array[]" ( literally ) with a comma separated string as the arguments. Railo sees this as an array server side and treats it as such. See the results. ( not I have a cfdump is the ajax call using fire bug I can see the result of the dump of the arguments scope )





Paul Kukiel


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  1. If you want to make one small chnage to your code try this

    data: JSON.stringify(dataToSend),

    Not tested but it seems that you need this with jQuery.

    1. Yes that works, I posted the reply below before reading your last comment. Note that I ONLY tried this with jQuery it may well be different with EXTjs and it's axaj routines

  2. For this to work on ACF you need:

    data: { dataArray: JSON.stringify(dataArray) },

    and in the cfc:

    Which sends across a simple array. In Railo this is handled for you.

    With Railo it just worked, with ACF there is an extra layer. Right or wrong.

    1. For others reading this your cfc did not come through.

    2. Blogger dropped the tags:

      cfdump var="#deserializeJson(arguments.dataArray)#"

  3. You're right, I sent you and email about it. The thing is I had to go back to the json specs to confirm it. It seems that Railo adheres to accepting the correct Json, where as ColdFusion requires it to be quoted. I guess using ColdFusion quirks for so long, one becomes a bit complacent to it.

    I can see where Adobe did what they did with ColdFusion, but if you were to enter the following in your example what would Railo do?

    Value 1: This is a test, or is it not
    Value 2: 256
    Value 3: interesting

    My guess is Railo will handle this correctly, where as ColdFusion must have all 3 quoted.

    1. This is what Railo did it worked event with the ,

    2. That would mean a bug in ColdFusion then.

  4. There is a new setting in CF10 that can help with this:

  5. Paul you might be interested to know that Adobe have identified this bug based on this

    Which references this blog as an example of the bug, and will be fixed. I doubt it will be done fore previous versions as that doesn't seem to be the Adobe way.

    1. Thats great, perhaps will will see this come out in one of the patches for CF10